Private tutoring

I help students ace their IB Mathematics course and enter their dream college.

About me


I'm Bruno, an Electrical Engineer with a post-graduate degree in Electrical Power Systems and a master's degree in Artificial Intelligence.

Teaching is my career and passion. Besides teaching IB HL Mathematics at Chapel School (an international school located in São Paulo) and being an official IB Examiner, I am currently building a proprietary question bank of IB HL Math style questions in IBQuestionbank.com. Also, I produce Calculus content in the YouTube channel Curso de Cálculo (for Brazilian students, content is in Portuguese).



Besides my experience as an IB HL Mathematics teacher at a prestigious IB school in São Paulo, I have tutored for over 1,200 hours students from around the globe, including Singapore, Qatar and PortugaI. Being an IB Examiner also provides me the capacity to determine exactly what is expected from the students when sitting for exams and writing external papers.

My approach to tutoring

Getting to know the student’s aim for college allows me to create a personalized learning experience for them. The fact that I work with 6 students per semester at most gives me the opportunity to design lessons that remove their gaps and build their strengths.

Tools used

For a seamless online experience, students are tutored through Zoom and with the iPad app Goodnotes. Not only they allow for real time whiteboard sharing, but also the notes are easily accessible by the students after class.


"I have tremendous admiration for Mr. Bruno's work. Not only does he have an extensive background, but he also inspires students and relates to them on a personal level. He played a key role in Angelina's admission at Northwestern." Lucia, mother of AA HL student (IB score 41/45, 7 in AA HL)
"Working with Mr. Bruno has been extremely impactful and has completely changed Stephen's trajectory. As the letters of acceptance started to arrive, he was able to choose between the universities he applied for." Alfredo, father of AI HL student (IB score 42/45, 6 in AI HL)

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